Choosing the right shrubs and trees for your garden

Choosing the right trees and shrubs for your garden is a lot easier with Pam Duthie’s book, Continuous Color.

Using the month and season of interest format found in her award-winning first book, Continuous Bloom, which covered perennials,Continuous Color is an excellent guide to the most attractive woody plants to add to flower gardens.

Trees and shrubs for all-season interest

Continuous Color helps you identify appealing woody plant ornamental features. It considers flowers and foliage, fall color and fruiting, attractive bark and evergreen structure for winter.

More than 270 plants are listed, and each entry includes a photograph showing the plant in a garden or natural setting. Line drawings show you the structural qualities of the featured woody plants.

The book also includes gardening information, such as hardiness zone, fruit and flower, habit and foliage, height and width.

You will also learn about spacing, light requirements, type of soil preferred, care tips, and how to use that particular plant in the garden and whether to expect potential problems.

I particularly like the fact that Duthie suggests companions to grow with the choice plants that she features. “U-Can Plan” gardening charts at the back of the book are a great aid for choosing the right woody plants for your garden.

I highly recommend this book to help you create a attractive garden for all seasons.

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