About this gardening site

I got hooked on gardening when we bought our first house in 1991.

Although I couldn’t tell the difference between a forget-me-not and a weed, thanks to helping out in the family vegetable garden as a child, I had experience getting plants into the ground and caring for them.

Plant knowledge came by doing and taking courses, and garden design skills by completing a night school college certificate in landscape design.

I also immersed myself in every good gardening book that I could lay my hands on.

One gardening thing leads to another

As gardening took over my life, it gradually turned from a hobby into a garden-writing and design business.

A couple of years later, my garden was photographed for a story in a national magazine and for a garden TV show. I’d been a magazine editor and writer through my journalism career, so I switched my focus from feature writing to garden writing and photography.

Before long, I was teaching gardening workshops at a local community college and giving slide talks to garden clubs and horticultural societies.

Eventually, this led to being approached by a publisher and writing a book for beginner gardeners, Clueless in the Garden, published in 2003, and reissued in spring 2008 in Canada as Basic Gardening. Once the book was out, I decided to try my hand at creating this website, which now has more 200 pages of gardening information, with more being added all the time.

In 1998 we moved to a 10-acre property in the country, which became my lab for garden design and trying out plants. (We sold in the summer of 2012 to retire to a smaller place.)

These days, my business is concentrated on the web site and garden writing, and I no longer have time to do garden designs for clients. Working on the site has been very rewarding, and I want to thank you for visiting Flower-Gardening-Made-Easy.com.

Please feel free to send comments, questions or feedback. I’m always interested in hearing if the site has helped you, or how it can be improved to offer even more gardening help.


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